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About South Korea

South Korea is an East Asian nation that is comprised of high mountain ranges and narrow coastal plains in the eastern region, broad coastal plains and hills in the western region, mountain and valleys in the southwestern region, and broad basins of River Nakdong in the South-eastern region. Choosing the best South Korea tour packages will ensure that the travelers will get to enjoy everything the destination has to offer. The region has everything in its domain ranging from nature to exciting cities, old-world monuments to buildings that define the cutting edge.

While the capital city of South Korea, Seoul, is proved to be the soul of the country and embodies old traditions that are managed perfectly with the fast-evolving trends. Busan is another major city to explore during the trip to South Korea which introduces the serenity of the nation. Jeonju and Jeju islands are some of the best attractions which can’t be missed to ensure that the tourists have wonderful memories.

Best Time to Visit South Korea


The best time to explore South Korea is between March and May as it is the perfect time to experience the magical and spellbinding cherry blossoms.

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